Amelie Questions v 2.0

I had to pick Amelie up from school today because she didn’t feel good. She’s been coming down with a cold but the nurse called today and said Amelie wanted to come home because she was sick.. On the way home Amelie & I were talking about how this past Sunday was the “Worldwide Day Of Play” & I was asking her if she enjoyed playing on that day. We talked about how we’d went to the mall & how her and Sarah got to do the bungee jump and how we painted pottery..

She then randomly asked me, “Mom do you think Obama knows?” I replied with, “Does Obama know what?”..  Am: “That it was the worldwide day of play?” Ha. Mr President, I hope you’re keeping up with kid news because I have a 6-year-old that’s very concerned whether or not you were aware it was the “worldwide day of play.” Haha. Oh, Am.. You have the silliest questions.

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