Amelie Questions v 2.0

I had to pick Amelie up from school today because she didn’t feel good. She’s been coming down with a cold but the nurse called today and said Amelie wanted to come home because she was sick.. On the way home Amelie & I were talking about how this past Sunday was the “Worldwide Day Of Play” & I was asking her if she enjoyed playing on that day. We talked about how we’d went to the mall & how her and Sarah got to do the bungee jump and how we painted pottery..

She then randomly asked me, “Mom do you think Obama knows?” I replied with, “Does Obama know what?”..  Am: “That it was the worldwide day of play?” Ha. Mr President, I hope you’re keeping up with kid news because I have a 6-year-old that’s very concerned whether or not you were aware it was the “worldwide day of play.” Haha. Oh, Am.. You have the silliest questions.

Kids are so funny.

Do you ever have moments where your kid has something HILARIOUS and you wonder where on earth they come up with this stuff? I had one of those moments yesterday in the car with Amelie…

Amelie: “Mom, why am I wearing a skirt?”

Me: “I dunno. I just picked it out and thought it’d be cute for you to wear today.”

Amelie: “It’s not just that..”

Me: “It’s not just what?”

Amelie: “It’s not always about fashion!”

I couldn’t contain my laughter. Ha. Oh my sweet child, if you only knew.

Where do they come up with this stuff? Do you have any funny quotes from your kids you’d like to share?

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