Crafting with Amelie..

I love spending countless hours on Pinterest pinning any and everything I see that looks delicious, or gives me great ideas for decorating my apartment, or even fun crafty stuff to do with Amelie….

Tonight Amelie and I attempted homemade play dough we found on Pinterest.. It was awesome how easy it was to make and I love how cheap it is.. I had everything except cream of tartar at home already so it was great! I love that I know exactly whats in it too. You know how kids love to touch things and put their hands in their mouths without any care. Below is a picture of our first attempt at play dough!

And if you do know anything about kids then you also know how bored they get with a project. 😉 We very quickly moved on from making the play dough.. Probably in part of it being too hot to play with since we’d just cooked it and all.. So we moved to a project I’d found called “edible finger paint” which I thought was a FANTASTIC idea.. Especially when you throw marshmallow, short bread cookies, and paint brushes into the mix.. What kid wouldn’t love to paint then eat marshmallows? I know I would.. Warning: The paint doesn’t taste wonderful but it is edible and the kids don’t notice. Also, please note: If you’re like me with limited space and might be using your dining room table for kids to do projects like this. INVEST IN A CLEAR SHOWER CURTAIN LINER. Cheap, cheap, cheap table-cloth if anything gets spilled. 😉 I somehow managed to get the paint on my MacBook Pro but it easily came off.. I’d probably be dead from a panic attack and unable to type all this otherwise. Anyways, without further ado.. Photos from our painting project:

Our assortment of colors..

And our goodies!

And my happily painting little princess!!

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