I love fall…

I absolutely LOVE fall.. Amelie & I wore matching fall outfits today.. It’s rainy, 67 degrees, and AWESOME. Did I mention I love fall? 😛 As I mentioned before poor Am has had a cold so I kept her out of school today.. We had to go for her teacher conference though. Her teacher said she’s doing awesome & is a great kid. Happy mommy status! I love getting good news about my kid.


I decorated for Halloween on September 19th… Over a month early.. I love Halloween too. Obviously. 😛 I did a little “iPhone photo shoot” of my Halloween decor. I promise to take better photos of them soon.. Camera battery was dead. I had a small free window to take the pics so yeahhhh.. Here you go!

We’re going to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend.. I know it’s not October yet but I can’t wait any longer. So excited. What’s your favorite season?


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