Doctors visits, custard dates, dance class, oh my.

Can I just start by saying how hard it is to fill out new patient forms or any form for that matter while holding a 6 month old baby that wants to grab everything? Near impossible! I don’t know why I haven’t learned by now to fill out the forms at home ahead of time to save myself a huge headache. Luke & Amelie had a doctors visit yesterday. Luke’s 6 month well baby check-up & I took Am to get her iron levels checked because her legs bruise so bad. Luckily she’s just the kinda kid that bruises easily. Over-protective mom status… more like over-protective step-dad status, it was his idea to take her to the doctor about it. I’m so proud of her for being so brave during her finger prick. She didn’t even flinch. My little man is 18lb 8oz & 27 inches (he was 9lb 1oz & 22 inches at birth.. Go mommy milk.)

I told Amelie earlier if she was brave I’d take her out for ice cream after the appointment. Theres a little frozen custard place next to her dance studio she’s been wanting to try so we went there. I’d never had frozen custard before but me being the sweetaholic I am, I of course loved it.. Amelie is a given. 😛 They have a “flavor of the day” daily (yesterday was strawberry.. yum). The owner gave us a paper with all the upcoming flavors for the month. Am kept talking about how much she’d LOVE the cotton candy (and so did I because I’m a cotton candy freak).. This obviously caught the owner’s attention because he gave Amelie a free pint of the cotton candy custard to take home and said it was because he kept hearing her talk about how excited she was that they had cotton candy. <3 What a lovely guy.. It’s a rare treat to meet someone like him. It completely made her day (and mine too.)

After custard we had to go home & get ready for ballet class.. Amelie takes ballet on Tuesdays & Jazz on Mondays.. Busy little bee. Her favorite is definitely jazz though. Doesn’t surprise me at all considering she’s FULL OF ENERGY. Go go go go go. I wish I had half her energy.


Here are some REAL LIFE photos (aka: Amelie hates when I take her photo so it takes a lot of bribing & whining)

Typical 😛 She lovvveeedddd when I took her to the grocery store wearing her ballet clothes.. Not. “Mommy, everyone is staring at me”

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