The Lorax

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” -Dr. Seuss 

I took Amelie to the movies to see The Lorax tonight.. We left 45 minutes early and I was nervous we’d get to the theatre too early. Ha, think again! There was a “Beer, Bourbon, & Barbecue” festival going on by the movie theatre so there was a ton of traffic and it was ridiculous to find parking in the parking garage. So many people! We finally bought our tickets and got inside 10 minutes prior to the movie starting. The concession lines were so long and moving so slowly & Amelie wanted gummy bears (go figure). By the time we finished with the concession line and got into the movie we’d missed probably around 15 minutes or so of it but thats okay.. We were able to jump right into the story line. The story line was SO incredible. I love the lesson it taught. It taught you when you’re greedy and not nice to people you end up being left alone to dwell and regret the things you did wrong. I love how determined the little boy was to fix the mess someone else had made. 


Dr. Seuss is such an incredible author and I love his subtle lessons to kids! I can’t wait to buy the DVD for Amelie when it comes out. I also need to get her the book.. She doesn’t have it and I’m not sure why I’ve never bought it for her or read it to her but I definitely will be now. So great!


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